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Youth Ambassadors Program

Through this annual program, Caribbean youth, ages 15-18 and adult mentors, gain the knowledge and leadership skills to become more engaged in their communities. This year the program is virtual and will explore themes such as: civic education, leadership, cross-cultural connections and community service.

The goals of the program are to promote mutual understanding between students in the United States and the Caribbean; prepare youth leaders to become responsible citizens and contributing members of their communities; influence the attitudes of the leaders of a new generation; and foster relationships among youth from different ethnic, religious, and national groups as well as create networks of youth leaders, both within the participating countries and internationally.

The Youth Ambassadors Program is intensive, and highly interactive. Students and educators participate in workshops, community service activities, team building exercises, meetings with community leaders, and engage in leadership development exercises. The follow-on community projects take place after the program is completed.

There is no application fee.  Questions may be addressed to: NassauPublicAffairs@state.gov.