Minor Passports

U.S. Citizens age 0 to 15

Each U.S. citizen – even a newborn — must have his or her own U.S. passport when traveling abroad.  Passports issued to children under the age of 16 are valid for a maximum of five years.  The applicant (i.e. the child)  must apply in person, and must be accompanied by his/her parents or legal guardian.  They must also bring the following documentation/information:

  1. Proof of the child’s U.S. Citizenship (such as the child’s previous U.S. passport,  Consular Report of Birth Abroad,  Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization, or a certified copy of the child’s U.S. birth certificate);
  2. Social Security Number (SSN) of the applicant, in accordance with 26 U.S.C. 6039E.  If the child has never had a social security number, he or she should submit an application for an SSN together with the passport application.
  3. One  passport photo of the child taken within the last 6 months (Passport Photo Requirements).
  4. The passport execution and issuances fees can be paid at the ACS Unit in U.S. Dollars or Bahamian Dollars, all in one currency.
  5. A completed DS-11 Application Form.
  6. Evidence of Parentage/Guardianship (required for all children under age 16).  This evidence consists of a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate or of the court order granting adoption/guardianship, depending on the circumstances. This document will be used to determine who the child’s legal parent(s) or guardian(s) is(are), as only that (those) person(s) may obtain a U.S. passport for the child.
  7. Parental Consent (required for all children under age 16).  In general, all the parents/guardians listed on the “evidence of parentage/guardianship” must accompany the child to the embassy to countersign the child’s passport application. (If only one parent is listed, then only that parent needs to countersign the application).  The parents/guardians must present their own photo IDs to prove they are those parents/guardians.  (Please note  – if your name is no longer the same as shown on your child’s birth certificate, you will need to bring in documentation to show how your name was changed).

If one parent/guardian is unable to accompany the child due to a compelling reason, that parent must provide a Form DS-3053 Statement of Consent to issuance of a passport for the child.  Please note:  the Statement of Consent must be signed and notarized, and presented by the other parent/guardian along with a copy of the parents I.D. (i.e. passport or driver’s license. If the child only has one living parent or only one legal custodial parent, you must provide documentary evidence of that fact (such as a court decree granting sole custody, a death certificate of the other parent, etc).

Additional information on passport applications by minors, including certain extenuating circumstances, can be found on the Department of State’s website.

For more information on the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 click here.

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