Emergency Financial Assistance

Temporary Destitution

If your money has been lost or stolen in the Bahamas, the Embassy can help receive funds from friends or relatives in the U.S. If they need help in transferring funds to you, they should contact the U.S. Embassy in Nassau at 242-322-1181. The most efficient way to get money to someone who is temporarily destitute in the Bahamas is if they have a U.S. bank account, to have the funds deposited into the individual’s U.S. bank account that can then be withdrawn from the account in the Bahamas using an ATM card. The person must have an ATM card and pin to be able to use this option.

If that option is not possible, we suggest wiring money through Western Union. If you have a major credit card, you may telephone Western Union at 1-800-325-6000, 1-800-325-4176 or 1-800-752-6077. You may also access Western Union on line at www.westernunion.com. You may also visit your local Western Union agent to purchase a “money transfer.” You cannot do Western Union transactions by phone or the Internet in Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York or Oklahoma.

You may also contact them in the Bahamas by phone at 242 394-1429 or 242 356 7764. Public service hours are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Funds Transfer

If neither the ATM nor Western Union option is possible, you can do a funds transfer through a bank. Please be advised that this service can take up to 14 days for the cash to become available in the Bahamas.

Western Union Outlets

  • #51 Frederick Street (downtown Nassau) – 242-394-1429/242-356-7764 (hours: 9:30am – 4pm)
  • Cable Beach Branch – 242-394-1429 (hours: 9:30am-4pm)
  • Blue Hill & Wulff Road – 242-394-1429 (hours: 9:30am-4pm & Friday’s 9:30am- 7pm
  • Robin Hood Branch (Harold Road) – 242-394-1429 (hours: 9:30am-4pm, Friday’s 9:30am-7pm & Saturday’s 9:30am – 5pm)

For more information on sending money abroad click here.

Emergency Funds Transfer to the Embassy

In a genuine emergency, a U.S. citizen can have funds transferred from the U.S. through the Office of Overseas Citizens Services (OCS), Department of State, Washington, D.C. Please contact OCS at 888-407-4747 (or from overseas: 202-501-4444) for information on how to send money. When the Embassy receives notification from the State Department, funds are released in Bahamian dollars to the U.S. citizen recipient. This service is for true emergencies only, such as in the case of an arrest, when time does not allow transfer of funds through normal banking channels. Funds should not exceed the amount needed to resolve the emergency situation and should not be used for commercial transactions. Large sums (over $1,000) should be avoided.

For more information concerning financial emergencies click here.

Accommodations in Case of Destitution

If you become temporarily destitute in The Bahamas and have nowhere to spend the night, the U.S. Embassy can try and assist by allowing you access to call at least three friends or family members who may be able to cover hotel expenses for you for the night.

If after calling at least three people who are personally known to you, if you are unable to get the help you need through family and friends, you may try the following organizations or persons which may be able to assist with providing lodging or shelter until you are able to get assistance from family members.

Inexpensive Hotels near the U.S. Embassy

  • Towne Hotel
    George Street
    Telephone: 322-8450
    Rates: $96 includes continental breakfast
  • Nassau Palm Resort
    Nassau Street
    Telephone: 356-0000
    Rates:$127 includes continental breakfast
  • Junkanoo Beach Hotel
    Nassau Street –
    Telephone: 323-1408/ 322 1515
    Rates: $80.00 single $92.00 double
  • El Greco Hotel
    West Bay Street
    Telephone: 325-1121
    Rates:$100.00 includes continental breakfast
  • Grand Central Hotel
    Location: Bay & Charlotte Streets
    Telephone: 322 8356 0r 322 8357
    Rates: $74.00

Possible Shelters

  • Great Commission Ministries Int’l
    Ms. Minalee Hanchel
    Location: Wulff Road (adjacent to Western Union Bank) Telephone: 242-325-5801
  • Adventure Learning Centre
    Mr. Mark Wallace
    Location: Marshall Road
  • Salvation Army
    Major Lester Ferguson
    Location: Meadow Street
    Telephone: 242-393-2745
  • Mount Tabor Ministry
    Ms. Andrea Cox 392-9346 or 392-9321
    341-3891 (h) or 565-8820 (cell)