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SYNC Program
Science, Youth, Nation Building & Culture like you've never seen before!
February 1, 2024

The U.S. Embassy Nassau is pleased to partner with Kanoo to unveil the SYNC Program – a fusion of Science, Youth, Nation Building & Culture like you’ve never seen before.

SYNC is calling for 50 passionate youths to enroll in a transformative, eight-month program.

Why Join?

– Design and produce amazing products inspired by Junkanoo using science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM)

– Launch sustainable businesses that celebrate Bahamian tradition

– Make a mark on your nation’s cultural landscape

– Network with like-minded peers

The program kicks off with a Junkanoo Youth Workshop. The workshop will provide a historical overview of the national parade and help to unleash participants creativity in planning, concept development and costume design.

Following the Junkanoo Workshop students will be divided into ten working groups of five and will remain in those groups for the remainder of the program.

With your sketchpad as the canvas and 3-D printing technology as the paintbrush, students will transform their Junkanoo-inspired visions into palpable masterpieces during the 3-D printing After School Program component. This is where the prototype comes to life. Participants will also examine the stability, durability, and feasibility of the product created.

The next lesson is the Entrepreneurship Module. Students will conduct research, identify their ideal customer, and carve out a distinctive niche for their product. They will develop sales strategies that are not just persuasive but resonate deeply with their target audience. At the end of this program, participants present their product to a small group of key stakeholders for feedback before heading into the group project phase.

In the Group Team Projects, students will further refine their product to its best form, which they will unveil with the confidence of seasoned entrepreneurs during the final showdown presentation. During this stage each group will be assigned a mentor who will provide feedback and support as the group works to ensure their product idea is as robust as it is revolutionary.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity designed for young Bahamians ages 15-18. Only 50 spots available

Come, let’s SYNC and soar!

To APPLY or find out more: https://bit.ly/SYNCProgramApplication

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