Security Message for U.S. Citizens: U.S. Government Assisted Departure Related to Hurricane Irma

September 6, 2017

This message is to advise U.S. citizens residing and traveling in The Bahamas that Hurricane Irma, currently a Category 5 storm, is projected to significantly impact The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands.  On September 6, 2017 the Department of State approved Ordered Departure for certain Embassy staff and their family members from Nassau and Freeport in The Bahamas.  Seats on U.S.-government chartered aircraft are available for U.S. citizens wishing to depart from Nassau, The Bahamas, only.

Two charter flights will depart from Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) in Nassau in the morning and afternoon on Thursday, September 7.  U.S. citizens wishing to travel on these flights must contact the embassy at  Seats will be available on a first come, first served basis, and all passengers must satisfy the below conditions:

  • Possess a valid U.S. passport. Non-U.S. Citizen spouses or minor children of U.S. Citizens must posses a valid visa.  No visas will be issued at the airport and Visa Waiver Program country passports may not be used on this flight.
  • Sign a DS-5528 promissory note to repay the U.S. government for the cost of the ticket. Charges will be equal to the cost equal to a one-way, walk-up, full fare economy ticket through major airlines.  The plane will be a one-way flight either to Washington, D.C. or to Charleston, South Carolina.  Travelers will not be able to select their destination.  Return transportation and connections will not be provided.
  • All normal luggage and customs restrictions apply.  In general, we are not able to provide transportation assistance for pets.  In certain situations, if the pet can fit into an approved under-the-seat carrier, it can accompany the traveler.  U.S. citizens traveling or residing abroad with pets should make alternate plans for their care or commercial transport if a crisis occurs abroad.  Evacuees are responsible for ensuring the pet meets all requirements to enter the United States and, where appropriate, the identified safe haven location.  Working animals, such as guide dogs, are not considered pets and will be accommodated if possible.
  • Other conditions may apply, such as restrictions placed on U.S. passports for those who sign promissory notes.

U.S. citizens in the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos may contact the Embassy at +1 242 322-1181 for additional information.

Those calling from the U.S. & Canada may call toll free, 1-888-407-4747.  Those calling from any other location may dial +1 202-501-4444.

For further information: