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Renew an Adult Passport (10-Year Validity Passports Only)

Applications for the renewal of an adult’s U.S. passport (with 10-year validity) are accepted at U.S. Embassy Nassau by courier mail from within The Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos Islands.  You may expect to wait approximately 7-10 business days, or two calendar weeks, for your new U.S. passport to be received, processed, and returned to you.

You may apply by courier mail (FedEx, DHL, or GWS) using the printed online application form DS-82 only if you can answer “YES” to the following statements:

  • You can submit your most recent U.S. passport;
  • You hold a 10-year validity passport issued within the last 15 years;
  • You were at least 16 years old when your most recent passport was issued;
  • Your U.S. passport is not damaged;
  • You are not requesting a change in the passport data, other than a name change due to marriage or divorce for which you can submit official documentation (original marriage certificate or original court order) to support the name change.


The following documents/items must be mailed to U.S. Embassy Nassau:
  • Your current or recently expired 10-year validity U.S. passport;
  • A completed, signed, and dated Form DS-82 (including the Social Security number);
  • One passport photo 2×2 inches in size taken within the last 6 months (click here to check other passport photo requirements);
  • If requesting a name change due to marriage or divorce, submit the original marriage certificate or court order showing the change of name.
  • Enclose a bank draft for $130.00 (USD or BSD) payable to “U.S. Embassy Nassau.” If you are also applying for both a passport book and a passport card ($30.00 fee), the total fee is $160.00. If using a Bahamas Postal Money Order, please make sure it is in Bahamian Dollars only. Personal checks are not accepted. Passport fees are nonrefundable.
  • A separate bank draft payable to the courier company (FedEx, DHL, or GWS) for the return of the passport. Please check with the courier company for the costs related to the return shipment.
The items listed above should be mailed via courier mail (FedEx, DHL, or GWS) to:

U.S. Embassy Nassau
42 Queen Street
Nassau, The Bahamas

Note: Applicants who cannot answer “YES” to the above 5 questions cannot renew their passport via mail and require an in-person interview at U.S. Embassy Nassau. Click here to see the appropriate passport application requirements.

If you have any questions you can contact us at ACSNassau@state.gov.