Remarks – Cultural Reception to Celebrate the Arts

CdA Bowers gives remarks at Cultural Night reception.

Remarks by U.S.Charge d’Affaires Stephanie Bowers

Liberty Overlook

September 21, 2018

Good evening and welcome to Liberty Overlook.  Thank you for being here as we celebrate an evening of cultural diversity and the arts.  Tonight you will experience a cultural fusion of art, music, and culinary delights, illustrating the strong ties and shared partnership between the United States and The Bahamas.

Since my arrival in Nassau, I have had the opportunity to experience the wonderful hospitality and warmth of the Bahamian people.  I have seen the rich diversity that makes the islands of The Bahamas unique, whether enjoying the sounds of rake and scrape, or traditional dishes like stew fish, crab and dough…and yes, even sheep tongue souse.

Tonight we are pleased to have partnered with Antonius Roberts, an acclaimed Bahamian artist and an alumnus of one of our State Department exchange programs.  Most of you know his artist haven, the Hillside House.  But Antonius also currently serves as the art curator at the University of The Bahamas.

Through the Embassy’s grants program, Antonius facilitated a project at University of The Bahamas focused on Bahamian-American cultural immersion and collaboration as part of the Transforming Spaces series.  During this workshop, university students had the unique opportunity to work with two professional artists trained and practicing in the United States.  Some of their artwork is featured here this evening.  As the partnership continues, the artists will also collaborate to create murals to transform spaces throughout inner-city communities.  Antonius, we look forward to completion of the project.  We know the art spaces will be enjoyed, providing a cultural hub for the stimulation of economic growth in those communities.

Antonius, I welcome you to the lectern to tell us more about what we will experience both here tonight and through the Transforming Spaces series.