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Political and Economic Section

The Political/Economic/Commercial Section’s principal mission is to advance U.S. policies and interests in The Bahamas in order to strengthen democratic institutions and the market economy, encourage bilateral and regional cooperation in the fight against terrorism and drug-trafficking, and build partnerships to meet other key areas.

To achieve these goals, the Section’s daily and longer-term responsibilities include:

  • Advising the Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission on key political, economic, commercial, labor, and environmental developments in The Bahamas and region;
  • Representing the U.S. government and promoting U.S. policy objectives with local government, regional and international organizations, businesses, civil society, and media;
  • Monitoring and reporting to relevant U.S. agencies on the full range of priority issues for the U.S. government;
  • Coordinating the Embassy’s submission of required reports, including those on human rights, religious freedom, terrorism, the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act, human trafficking, the Investment Climate Statement, Country Commercial Guide, and the Mission Strategic Plan;
  • Advocating for U.S. economic and commercial interests, in collaboration with other U.S. agencies, including the Foreign Commercial Service (FCS), Department of Agriculture, Treasury Department, and Federal Aviation Administration; and
  • Organizing official visits, including those of senior U.S. officials, Members of Congress, and their staffs.


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