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Pride Calendar of Events
Last updated: June 20, 2023


Please note that the Vogue Workshop (June 16th), Candyland Ball (June 17th), and Brunch at US CDA (June 18th) have been cancelled.


Pride Calendar of Events

June 14: Film Screening for Moonlight

Film Screening flyer for Moonlight

Date: 6.14

Time: 6PM

Venue: American Corner

Description: Oscar-winner for Best Picture, Moonlight is a moving and transcendent look at three defining chapters in the life of Chiron, a young man growing up in Miami. The event will be moderated by Mr. Arnold Martin, Counselor II, bearing Support and JumpStart Coordinator University Centre for Counseling and Career Services.


June 21: National Art Gallery Bahamas – Film Screening

  • Date: 6.21
  • Time: 7:30-10PM
  • Venue: Fiona’s Theater
  • Details: – Short film: Catalina 16 min, Main Film: Pariah 1hr 26 min
  • Venue: Fiona’s Theater

Catalina – Directed by Tyler Rabinowitz 

“CATALINA, embarks on a journey through the fuzzy and intimate boundary between gay and straight male friends in today’s day and age. This dynamic has not been depicted with depth or nuance in the way every other imaginable pairing has. On display in this story is a special friendship between Gus (Sam Digiovanni) and Will (Ronald Peet) that falls in the grey area between platonic and romantic – it is more soft, more tactile than we are used to seeing between two male friends. As this dynamic becomes more visible and commonplace in the modern world, queer people know how sacred, how rare these relationships have been historically.”

Cite – https://filmshortage.com/shorts/catalina/ 

Pariah – Directed by Dee Rees 

“The path to living as one’s authentic self is paved with trials and tribulations in this revelatory, assured feature debut by Dee Rees—the all-too-rare coming-of-age tale to honestly represent the experiences of queer Black women. Grounded in the fine-grained specificity and deft characterizations of Rees’s script and built around a beautifully layered performance from Adepero Oduye, Pariah follows Brooklyn teenager Alike, who is navigating the emotional minefields of first love and heartache and the disapproval of her family as she expresses her gender and sexual identities within a system that does not make space for them. Achieving an aching intimacy with its subject through the expressive cinematography of Bradford Young, this deeply felt portrait finds strength in vulnerability and liberation in letting go.”

Cite – https://www.criterion.com/films/31582-pariah 

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023, at 7:30 pm for the double feature film screening of Tyler Rabinowitz’s, Catalina & Executive Producer, Spike Lee’s, Pariah.

Complimentary beverages.

All screenings are FREE and open to the public. 

June 22: Tern Gallery Event

Date: 6.22

Time: 6:30PM-8:30PM

Venue: tern Gallery

Description: Putting together a talk. Topics include Gender Expression and Performance in The Bahamian Context


kevanté ac cash (they/them/she) is a Nassau-Bahamian literary artist who sometimes experiments with scratch film. Their practice explores emotional landscapes living with mental illness and a queer Afro-Caribbean identity. They hold a BA in Media Journalism, MA in Creative Writing, have had prose and poetry published across the Caribbean, US and UK, and have facilitated workshops in the UK.



Tyrecho BonabyTyrecho Bonaby (he/they) is an multi-disciplinary artist, educator and youth leader born on Crooked Island, The Bahamas. Bonaby, Ty B, works primarily as a visual poet and content creator, working in the realm of social media. He has published digital poetry books and launched his first poetry showcase in May 2023. He is also a member of the Bahamas National Youth Choir and has been a part of the Dundas Family since January 2023. Bonaby’s volunteerism and activist work centers advocacy for the voices of marginalized groups of people. He serves as the Ambassador for USAID and is an active participant of the US Embassy’s creative team for pride month. In 2021, he received the prestigious Director’s Cup award and the Community Volunteerism Award from the Bahamas’ National Youth Awards.

Tyrecho Bonaby, Ty B, uses his platform to educate and inspire young people to embrace their individualism and to find freedom of expression. He seeks constant evolution and uses art to send a message of freedom especially for queer individuals with whom he identifies.

June 23: Hillside House Happy Hour

Hillside House Happy Hour Date: 6.23

Time: 7PM

Venue: Hillside House, 13 Cumberland Street

Description: Join us in the garden to celebrate pride month! We will have live performances, an interactive instillation, chalk walk, screen printing, and more!

June 25: Equality Bahamas Community Care Event

  • Date: 6.25
  • Time: 8:00AM- 9:00AM
  • Venue: Zoom, Registration link: tiny.cc/june25yoga
  • Description: Virtual participation in yoga and possibly also meditation, to create a Zen and mellow environment for all to relax and unwind.