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Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Checks

The Embassy does not offer fingerprinting services. We have traditionally referred private citizens requesting fingerprints to the Royal Bahamas Police Force:

Office/Police Station Criminal Records Office
Thompson Blvd, PO BOX N-458
Nassau, The Bahamas
Tel: 242 356 2641 or 3596 2643
Fax: 242 356 4084 or 242 322 4327
Officer in Charge: 242 356 4057
Email: scurtis@royalbahamaspolice.org
Email: cro@royalbahamaspolice.org

You will need to bring your own fingerprinting form or card. The form that is normally recognized is FBI form FD-258. (PDF 464 KB)

Please contact the police station by telephone before showing up in person. The police may require that you bring a letter explaining why you need fingerprinting. If the reason is related to U.S. government employment, we can normally provide this letter. Because this is not a U.S. Embassy service, we cannot provide pricing information. We suggest that you ask about the price before you do the fingerprinting. More general information on criminal background checks and fingerprinting is available here:


Please email acsnassau@state.gov