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Dual Nationality

Can My Child Be a Citizen of More Than One Country?

Each country determines who is and who is not a citizen of that country in accordance with its own laws.  Therefore, some persons may acquire citizenship under the laws of more than one country, either from the moment of their birth or upon taking certain actions.  It is important to recognize that some countries limit or prohibit their citizens from being citizens of another country, while others do not.

The United States does not legally prohibit dual nationality, but in  practice does not recognize the second nationality of a U.S. citizen. This is significant to U.S. citizens who also hold foreign passports in that they must always enter the United States as U.S. citizens (e.g.: using a U.S. passport). For example, a U.S. citizen who is also recognized by the Bahamian government as a Bahamian citizen cannot obtain a visa in his Bahamian passport nor can he enter the United States visa-exempt on his Bahamian passport and a police certificate. For advice about possible loss of U.S. and dual citizenship click here.

Detailed information on issues relating to dual nationality is available on the State Department’s website.