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COVID-19 Information for Turks and Caicos Islands
September 25, 2020

Graphic reading COVID-19 information for Turks and Caicos Islands with with an image of the COVID-19 virus in the background

Turks and Caicos Islands

COVID-19 Information
Last updated: January 15, 2021

Country-Specific Information:

  • The Turks and Caicos government has confirmed multiple cases of COVID-19.
  • Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions and regulations can change without notice; before traveling, please carefully and regularly review the guidance directly from the TCI government at the TCI Tourism TCI Assured page, as well as from your travel vendors (airlines, hotels, etc.)

Entry and Exit Requirements:

  • Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? YES
    • A negative COVID-19 PCR test result from an accredited laboratory is mandatory (antigen and antibody tests will not be accepted). The test must have been taken no more than 5 days prior to travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • Are health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry? YES
    • All travelers will be subject to screening and temperature checks upon arrival which may result in further clinical examination.
    • Travelers will be required to answer questions about their health or other relevant circumstances (including travel history and information about other individuals with whom they may have had contact).
    • Produce copies of any documents that may assist a health officer or nurse in assessing his health.
    • Allow a health officer or nurse to take a biological sample including a sample of his respiratory secretions or blood, by appropriate means including by swabbing his nasopharyngeal cavity or phlebotomy to provide such sample.
    • Provide sufficient information to enable the person to be contacted immediately by a health officer or nurse as specified in order to reduce or remove the risk of a person infecting or contaminating others.
    • Present hard copies of Insurance and COVID 19 negative test results.
    • For questions regarding visa extensions for residents and/or tourists, please visit https://www.visittci.com/life-and-business/citizenship-and-residency

Movement Restrictions:

  • Is a curfew in place? YES
    • Grand Turk: a curfew is in effect from 8:00pm to 5:00am until further notice.
  • Are there restrictions on intercity or interstate travel?  NO

Quarantine Information:

  • Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? NO
    • While U.S. citizens are not required to quarantine, all visitors should be advised that upon arrival, a person suspected of having been exposed to, or having symptoms of, or tested positive for COVID-19 will be placed under quarantine in a specified place for 14 days or such longer period until that person is found to have a negative PCR COVID-19 result or unless approved for medical repatriation, and shall be monitored by a health officer for COVID-19 during such period.

COVID-19 Testing:

  • Please contact your accommodation’s health provider. The Ministry of Health COVID-19 hotline at 649-232-9444 or 649-333-0911 can be used for further information.

Transportation Options:

  • Are commercial flights operating? YES
  • Is public transportation operating? YES
    • The wearing of a mask or face covering in public is mandatory.
    • Take only public transportation that displays the TCI Assured symbol, including car rental companies.

Fines for Non-Compliance:

  • Non-compliance with host country rules regarding social distancing, mask mandates, etc. may be subject to a fine of $1,000 (U.S. dollars) or to a term of imprisonment for three months, or to both.

Consular Operations:

  • American Citizen Services: The U.S. Embassy in Nassau is currently providing only emergency passport services; however, most adults qualify to renew their U.S. passports via mail or courier service to the U.S. Embassy in Nassau.  Please see the Embassy’s webpage for more information.
  • Visas Services: The U.S. Embassy in Nassau is currently only providing emergency visa services.  Many applicants with Turks and Caicos or Bahamian passports qualify for renewal of certain visa classifications by mail.  For more information, please contact VisaNassau@state.gov.

Local Resources: