Bahamian Media Personality Participates in U.S. Exchange Focused on Social Change Through the Arts

Tracy Ann Perpall

On Monday, August 22, recent International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) participant Tracy Ann Perpall, better known as “Tap,” met with U.S. Charge d’Affaires Lisa Johnson to discuss her recent participation in a three-week professional exchange focused on “Promoting Social Change through the Arts.” From June 18 – July 9, 2016, Ms. Perpall and counterparts from twenty-two other countries got a unique opportunity visit to several U.S. states including Washington, D.C.; New York, NY; New Orleans, Louisiana; Cleveland, Ohio and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

During the exchange the participants explored the geographic, ethnic, and religious diversity of the U.S. population and how innovative arts programming can be instrumental in managing conflicts, developing youth leadership and conflict resolution skills, addressing personal and community healing, and promoting cross cultural understanding. They also examined the role of arts education in encouraging young people, both at-risk and not risk, to act as responsible and engaged members of society and observed ways to illustrate the role of performing arts as it relates to constitutionally guaranteed free speech and expression and its power and potential to shape contemporary values and build civil society.

Ms. Perpall is a writer, producer, director and media personality. She utilizes the internet as a platform with her video blogs/sketches entitled “Tap’s Vlogs” where she addresses current issues in Bahamian Society through humorous skits. In her role as a Social Media Specialist at the Ministry of Tourism, she writes and produces original series “Tap into The Bahamas” and creates content, edits and monitors event coverage for domestic social media platforms.